Who is transforming who?

In light, in spirit, who is transforming who?
Holly books bathed in ink, in tears, teach us to believe
Is this your path? Is this what you want to achieve?
Or are you deceived or manipulating too?

Since the beginning of time and words
We balance between faith and knowledge
Aware of the cross, the snake, the swords
Always advancing, always on the edge

As life sunsets, shadows retire
For our wisdoms progress, aspire
Even when your light flickers, whither
You know, everyone dies, all philosophers

Ask: Who am I to give you advice?
For my life unspoken could be your shadow
So run, move on, throw the dice
As I do, before it is you who sucks my marrow

I still have no claim to sanity nor folly
For in myself the truth lies, all Godly, all Christ
I just don't know which is the truth, which is holy
But I live open, all loving, all spiced

I can change myself if I listen to an inner light
I can't change you, nor should I do
For such wisdom starts all fights
And in…