Monday, December 29, 2014

'Tis the time of year

'Tis the time of year
To remove each fear
To claim what's near
The future frontier

Remember the past
For nothing truly last
Time is passing fast
To a memory vast

Create today your morrow
Where you will know
Happiness, a tad of sorrow
An energy in endless flow

Yet in your reality
You're your own divinity
Locked, lost but free
Choose a witty destiny

'Tis the time of year
To hold on to what's dear
To let go of what's not clear
And in your heart, put a cheer

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Couldn't Sleep

I couldn't sleep
So thought about it all
The future, the past
Knowing nothing last
Family, friends, animals
All three, the same shit

I couldn't sleep
So I went out to play
In the deserted community
Alone, in all impunity
Charging the deserted pathways
I flew, I took the leap

I couldn't sleep
So no dream for me
A lack of imagination
Brought by frustration
Nothing I could see
Down the forest steep

I couldn't sleep
Not that the night was scary
I loved the darkness black
Lacking its own mark
I felt greatly, even free
It was but a forward trip

I couldn't sleep
It wasn't your fault
Life's not a game to play
But to enjoy, to stay
Loving the earth, its salt
Dead, alive, ready to worship

Saturday, June 1, 2013


It was the easiest emotion,
To fall for you without reason,
Yet, it was the hardest,
To let go of the tempest,

Neither were searching,
What was the beginning,
Of a doomed situation,
Rooted with such passion,

Regretting almost nothing,
Taking that road, that sting,
Where hate and love,
Look the same, as above,

A lifetime in a few days,
Yet going our separate ways,
It wasn't what we said,
It's just we weren't dead,

Never again we should feel,
Out of time, yet so still,
Our suns are finally here,
Each a life to, alone, steer.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Impressing The Ant

Know little, impress the ignorants
Know nothing, impress the masters
Easier said than done said the ant
You have a brain, you have power

I live upon instinct, searching for food
Never alone, never stopping, just death
I have no desires, I have no mood
Yet I know the purpose of my breath

Search to impress me and I'll ignore
Every attempt that you throw
We have no need for a saviour
For there is nothing more to know

I will not stop for any reason
Searching the ground for us all
It wasn’t a collective decision
It’s who we are in this whole

Each of us born with a purpose
That we fulfill till the last hour
While you seek the unconscious
I now believe we have power

Past, Future

A past with no beginning
A future without end
Each only existing
In the now we transcend

I have no past
That I can remember
It went too fast
Each day a number

I have no future
That I can foresee
Each day we endure
The desire to be

Rewriting the past
Having forgotten
A landscape so vast
No lessons were written

The past, the future
Already exist
Each, the pleasure
Of a second missed

Monday, September 14, 2009


There is genius in the folly of man
Because it can, it will change it all
From Anubis to the evergreen Pan
We strive since the original fall

Aren’t we fools to think we’re gods?
Proclaiming dominion over nature
For the mind we love, we laud
Forgets the vegetal that endures

Folly only is, in another’s eyes
As for me, it is the way it is
Why would you hate and deny
What your dogma can’t appease

The mind is free, as the soul knows
Such conventions can’t ever last
So yes, the self-righteous egos
Can be wrong, can be the past

Folly against this beautiful reality
Is a necessity for the true life to be
Just like a cold wind during ecstasy
We’d see it all in its clear divinity


This is a major flaw
I see you as such
I beg you, please go
Am not asking much

The devil’s not pushing
Anyone to do wrong
We’re what we’re thinking
We are that strong

No one else but me, you
Can claim responsibility
For the flaw that grew
Beyond our identity

The voice of reason
Is muffled, inaudible
An ignored lesson
We thought impossible

Thank God for our flaws
They make us human
A reasonable cause
To become brethrens

7 Thoughts

7 thoughts. All at once

Of hate, of love
Of above, of below
Of a crow, of a dove
In joy, in sorrow
In rejection, in desire
Curiously, disdainfully
Thinking in, thinking out

7 thoughts. All at once


For all I know, I'm rising
Leaving my faults afar
Endlessly climbing
Aware of my inner star

Some say born in fault
What do they know?
Judging is an assault
On our need to grow

Far from the madness
That this reality throws
I cry for tenderness
Of the doves, the crows

As I rise, I fall higher
Each step bringing pain
Yet joy grows closer
To my heart slain

Risen he is, risen I am
Never lost, nor wandering
We journey because we can
For we are one, dreaming


Down on my knee
I favour thee
None can see
What could be

Know how I feel
It can't be more real
I can't stay still
So much to reveal

It's a mistake
To want a break
Coming is the wake
A new heartache

My heart frantic
To me speak
Your lips stoic
Feels like a brick

The heart's a weight
To those who wait
Seek, seek your fate
It's never too late

Fire of Lie

The fire of lie consumes
All those who listen
It’s in all perfumes
In all that glistens

Yet we must succumb
To its charms eternal
To have the right sum
You need a devil, an angel

Know what you want
Remember what you say
Or your words will haunt
The remainder of your days

Is it the truth you seek?
You won’t find it here
It’s not for the weak
It’s not what it appears

It’s hidden in plain view
In the legends of old
A word can be a clue
Others will turn cold

Nothing More

I wait for nothing more
Than what has been given
The tree of knowing
The snow of the morning
The clouds of rain
The learning of pain
The fire of passion
The agony of reason
The heart of soul
Maybe a rice bowl
The death of life
The arrival of strife
A child to be born
An oath to be sworn
A music to be played
An opinion to be swayed
A dance to be reeled
A mind to be healed

I wait for nothing more

In The Moment

Nothing more precious
Than the moment we're in
Nothing more obvious
It’s where it all begins

The past is full of changes
The future, full of ideas
No one’s lived there for ages
Deep in dogma, in dramas

You can’t stay in the moment
It’s not ours to hold, to keep
See it without being absent
Seed what you want to reap

It’s all so fleeting, yet connected
As a movie we can’t rewind
Where each scene’s uncharted
Each actor, left behind

Yet in the moment is all there is
Nothing dramatic, nothing religious
We step into each second with ease
Ah, to be free, to never be cautious

Friday, August 21, 2009


I have four qualities
Some of them even good
They are my destiny
They’re my priesthood

The words of a poet
With something to say
Putting life in bracket
To lead you astray

The rage of a warrior
Deep within my soul
The hate of a saviour
Ready to slay, control

The lust of a satyr
Lost in all pleasures
The now’s my attire
A religion of doers

Thinking like a wise man
As I know good and evil
Teaching like the pan
To those who seek an angel

Night of Four Moons

It was a night like none had seen
Dark, bright, fours moons appeared
The earth shook, reversed its mean
Yet, nothing was to be feared

Valleys turned into mountains
Mountains became lakes
Rivers exploded into fountains
Tropics saw their first snowflake

Time stood, we lived it all
In the change but not of it
Bystanders of the fall
It was done, complete

No one died, no one lived
It seemed but a long dream
Was it true? Did I believe?
Wasn’t it a bit extreme?

In the night of the four moons
We evolved beyond passion
All finally with others in tune
Eternally back into reason


It's all noise to me
The words you use
It is but my reality
Yet mine to abuse

It's all noise to me
Each silly excuse
Can’t I see
The life I refuse

It's all noise to me
Sentences so grand
All seem to agree
To my will they bend

It's all noise to me
The songs I cry
I seem carefree
Yet ready to die

It's all noise to me
It’s my voice I hear
I can’t say goodbye
For I am so clear


Every death
Every birth
Affects me
Defines me

Every cycle
Every one-off
Takes me
Ignores me

Every start
Every stop
Pushes me
Pulls me

Every morning
Every evening
Wakes me
Tires me

Every word
Every sentence
Teaches me
Confuses me

So Much to Learn

We have so much to learn
About the bees, the Gods
Oh, kind so stubborn
Why aren’t we awed?

Simple and complicated
This illusion appears so
Yet it should be so feted
For the beauty of the show

We must know it all
To survive such danger
For neither birth nor fall
Seems to make us better

To know, to be wise
Can never be a privilege
For all truths, all lies
Are our only real college

Much to learn we must
Yet all is already in us
Your faith is therefore just
Regardless of the fuss

Not All

Not all that is out of the past
Makes sense in the present
Some we better forget fast
Others is simply too brilliant

Nothing has disappeared
It is still here, in our stories
All to always be revered
For its wisdom each carries

Not all that is in the future
Is really worth suffering for
Some of it we can endure
Most of it we should ignore

So there is the present
The only gift forever
A tail eater serpent
Teaching us laughter

History keeps all heroes
For us to enjoy, to cry
For God only knows
How we will all die

No Condolences

No condolences please
Life truly just happen
Be at peace, at ease
Life need not be beaten

It wasn't your fault
We are bystanders
Life comes to a halt
Yet we are its actors

Do not express regrets
It shows little understanding
You must never forget
That all keep on living

Cry if you must, a right
It’ll make you feel better
It’s for your own light
Afraid of your coming hour

No condolences please
It is time to move on
One of many stories
Who’ll never be gone


Exceptions define us
They fascinate, enthrall
Like a divine chorus
No one’s ever normal

It’s in each difference
That the world thrives
It is not by chance
It’s how we survive

We are independent
Tough individuals
We’re all brilliant
Almost all equals

Born to make a mark
We chose our destiny
Based on a gift, a spark
An ability to shape reality

Yet a separation exist
When such exceptions
Forces us to persist
Against one direction

A Craft

To be gifted with a craft
Is the ultimate passion
None have laughed
At he with a reason

In hands or in the mind
A skill can set you free
To mold, to not be confined
To an alternative reality

Achieve what others
Can only dream of
Be a standard bearer
Ignore those who scoff

Learn it now, learn it later
But learn how to create
Take a minute, an hour
Make it your own fate

It is ever worthwhile
To achieve mastery
And live in the style
Of the best in History

Am I Wrong?

Am I wrong to want to be right?
Though I know I won’t always be
It is the search that in me ignites
A sense of the right way to see

Yet to be wrong is a gift divine
To be aware of wisdom unattained
For each step will help refine
A thinking finally unchained

Right and wrong we all are
As we balance in the shade
Of a knowledge without par
An essence of which we’re made

We spend our days finding
What is right, what is wrong
Unaware of the wise man hiding
Deep inside what is but a song

I’m not wrong to seek to be right
It is my sworn duty, my privilege
No one else can take my fight
Each must create its own language

Friday, July 31, 2009

Out of Nothing, Into Nothing

Out of nothing, into nothing
There is hope in this message
For it is there that we’ll be asking
Is this wisdom or a presage?

Out of nothing we come
As if we could know
It’s the key to a kingdom
That a few souls foresaw

Into nothing we go
A rather empty promise
For a better morrow
Full of joy and bliss

Yet between the two
Stand a now eternal
Where nothing is due
To be carnal, spiritual

We come from a place
That we’ll return into
Choose evil or grace
For both are so true

As Shadows Cast

As shadows cast their wisdom
Unto this unforgiving light
The flowers mature, blossom
Ready to make everything right

In this world of light and night
Our shadows are reminders
That to achieve eternal delight
We need not to find an answer

We are light, we are darkness
We are not good, we are not bad
We choose our own weakness
We can be happy or truly sad

The shadows do not speak
Yet they mark a certain path
They are part of our mystique
Giving us a darker advice

If we stand under the sun
Apart for one another
Our shadows just run
To connect with its brothers

Behind a Smile

What's behind a smile
A pain immeasurable
We have joy for a while
In this world so unstable

It’s a mask to avoid pity
As we prefer to be alone
When it comes to our reality
We know what we’ve sown

But to you, I say safely
I’m happy, even elated
You smile, you agree
We’re not yet defeated

Everyday, we balance
Between love and hate
Giving a voice to silence
Giving orders to fate

Behind a smile, I’m alive
Burning in a hellish paradise
I’ll do anything to survive
Knowing that I pay the price

Swept With Violence

Swept with violence
My mind fights back
Searching a balance
That none can attack

Peacefulness is a myth
For we strive in extreme
What evil lies beneath
This potent insane dream

Blessed with a choice
We define who we are
We cry, even rejoice
Just a star with a scar

Searching for harmony
As we fall among ideas
Each true to his own story
Lost into an eternal drama

I’m swept with violence
In every thought, action
Burning with brilliance
I have no reason

A Thousand Windows

A thousand windows
In a thousand worlds
Who on earth knows
What had been hurled

Through each, a face
All of us as one, peaking
At the future of our race
Claiming foul, blaming

An unbalanced word
Closes just another
Now, looking inward
Cursing that hour

While its opposite
Brings about a smile
Pushes the limit
But just for a while

A thousands windows
Must stay open always
So that everyone knows
We are life set ablaze

Needed To Learn

What I needed to learn, no one taught me
I bit the hell out of books and tested it all
Daily, I wrote a page of my destiny
What I truly believe in can make me whole

Some taught me what I didn't need to learn
Others, strangers it seems, did the opposite
A few showed me the world I could earn
If to their self-righteous will, I could only submit

Yet in everyone I met, wisdom was imparted
Often against my will, but always to my benefit
I can only wish, with all the words I chanted
Some touched you and felt truly sweet

As you learn constantly without prejudice
You can fail and move on without a scratch
Finally aware of the true meaning of peace
You find life fascinating, finally able to detach

I’ll never know everything, learning’s not over
It is path that I can’t move away from
It’s addictive to want to become better
Yet the journey, not the end, makes you calm

Oh, Pompeii

Oh, Pompeii, my love buried
You’ll know not my pain
Why do I alone bleed?
As you died under the rain

Oh, your street bleached by the sun
Will never see the light of day
As that God will take another run
You’ll freeze in eternal dismay

Oh, do I long to see you again
Why did I leave to cross the bay?
I was truly happy, especially then
For I knew I’d be back your way

Oh, to be wrong without forgiveness
A punishment stronger that hate
My lame words, I can only confess
Describe my haste to join your fate

Oh, Pompeii, so imperfect
You were the right bride
I’ll be your eternal subject
A wanderer without pride

Too Long

You’ve waited too long
Afraid to be so wrong
She will never know
That you loved her so

Is this the love you want?
Unclaimed, to forever haunt
Your tortured soul, sadly
Who needs such a reality?

It is much better to fail
Than to hide behind a veil
Of excuses and reasons
Every single one a treason

Be bold and claim your due
To your heart, just be true
It is your birthright to love
A gift from the Gods above

Time matters very little
Go forth, propose, hustle
Tell her your dreams
Let her your heart redeem

No One's Coming

No one's coming to rescue you
It's up to you to find your way
To let your soul die anew
Even let your mind go astray

Are you lost on the right path?
Or going fast on the wrong road
Did you start it out of wrath?
Or fell into what you’d sowed

Seek not another’s views
You followed a different river
Both of you will be confused
You own your own answer

Search or wait if you must
Do not lose sight of reality
There’s no one you can trust
To take care of your destiny

Everything is a choice
Even the state you’re in
Even if it’s bad, rejoice
For no one is coming

Forever Lost

A fleeting idea passing through
Unrecorded and so, lost forever
There is nothing you can do
It wasn’t its time to make us better

All ideas are funny that way
Claiming dominion on their time
Only when we’re ready to play
Waiting till then for the right clime

Even stranger, you can save it
Publish it, tell everyone, scream it
No mind will register nor benefit
For the time it came didn’t fit

Since the beginning of time
Ideas have been expressed
Some are still in their prime
Others, have been put to rest

For those we were not ready for
They wait for us all to mature
Then they’ll be brought to the fore
Through a poem in itself so pure

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Don't leave me alone
I might not like myself
I'm stranger of my own
With no sense of self

This is not a testament
To an insane dependence
It's just when you're absent
I can feel your presence

I can stand on my own
I've been there before
But now that I've known
I simply want more

It's with you that I'm alive
That I feel for tomorrow
That I push, that I strive
To be your true hero

Two souls, one purpose
Entangled eternally
In the dance of the rose
Oblivious to finality

A Song in the Morning

A song in the morning
I pray, I beg of you
A few words that ring
As the day becomes anew

A rhythm, a note, a voice
It's all it takes to be free
After that, it's all a choice
Though it's time to boogie

As you sing, life disappears
Your pains are left behind
They might even reappear
But not before you unwind

So sing till you can no more
Then sing one last song
Till you finally find the cure
To all that's gone wrong

Life is but a melody
We, the singers
A musical reality
Born in laughter

A Sinner's Joy

Can a sinner experience joy?
At least for a moment it seems
The pleasure of the flesh destroy
Every fantasy, even all our dreams

Yet to sin is forever tempting
We were designed to succumb
To a life forever ending
In the pleasure of the tomb

We reveal ourselves in sin
Our hidden thoughts arise
The without is the within
We are one in disguise

The righteous will claim foul
To the idea that we could enjoy
What comes from our bowels
Where pleasure is but a toy

Yet a sinner's joy is in the mind
A star storm triggers ecstasy
And if you are so ever inclined
Join us in our sinful humanity

Many Paths

Many paths lead to the same end
As many Gods will give you advice
Some even promising you'll ascend
Into heaven, if you pay the price

Many paths bring me to you
No matter how lost I am
There is nothing I can do
We're pawns in this scam

Many paths take me away
Tempted by every crossroads
It's like an indecent foreplay
As I listen to the devil's code

Many paths lead to nowhere
Existing in my mind only
To be Frank, it's not fair
It's not even my name, really

Many paths are but circles
Leading back to their start
It's like an endless cycle
As we're never far apart

Bruises & Scars

Bruises worn with pride
Scars, badges of pain
There's no point to hide
It doesn't always rain

Each a proof you're alive
Ready to fight, to act
Against odds, you thrive
Always in full contact

Taking risk in your hands
A choice to never be bland
At home, in different lands
At least once, to be grand

Some will fade, others eternal
A right of passage for the brave
Each impact your seeking soul
They'll join you in the grave

Marking the episodes
Of a day full, beautiful
This is your code
A need to rule

We Know

We know it all, so we think
At an early age it seems
As life passes in a blink
We loose that insipid dream

Mankind aims to be better
Yet looses what it once knew
At the whims of a pope, a Caesar
We forget what once was true

To know that we know nothing
Is pop psychology at its best
We know a little something
On that we build the rest

Strangely, knowledge is immutable
What was once known, still exists
It needs to be found by the able
Those capable of following the twists

So what you know is just that
You may seek more at all times
Stay ignorant, it's your right
Do not complain at nighttime

Lost Friends

We loose friends from time to time
We don't know where we've put them
One second, we're playing till past nine
The next, we can't remember their name

It was a joy to know them, sadness to not
We might meet again along a different path
Exchange memories of the battle we fought
Then move on, enter our own impasse

For those moment we shared, I cry alone
I knew not then what they were, what they are
They are my life condensed to the bone
It was I, it was they, life's so bizarre

Everyday was an experience, a test
Decisions taken with little thoughts
We were alive, no time to rest
Running across time's empty lots

We were friends, we'll stay that way
Time is nothing in this equation
We talked then, we have more to say
Friendship is eternal, always in motion

Life's Crime

A life not lived is a crime
Against all who've fought
To make it ever so sublime
By the same simple thought

Aware every single second
To live, you must be alive
Always able to respond
To never stop, never arrive

Making a mistake is a present
Given to a perfect yet restless soul
To grow, declare your talent
To a lost world without a role

Claim this birthright so ancient
That no one knows its origin
Why do seek the coiled serpent?
Couldn't we live the earth virgin?

We are who we are because we can
A life not lived is a sad testament
To a creator who made us free-men
So we could become brilliant

Wait No Longer

Wait no longer, choose your path
Select the role you want to play
Stomp on the forbidden grass
Ignore those who decide your way

There is nothing you need to wait for
It's already all in your heart, your soul
Needing to just let it come to the fore
Do not fight what makes you whole

The more you wait, the harder life is
As you do what you weren't meant for
Your suffering comes with relative ease
As you forget the child you were before

Waiting serves no one, it's for the weak
Time never comes back, it moves on
Should you choose to be unique
Regrets and fear will all be gone

Wait no longer, claim your heritage
For everyone that made a mark
Is your ancestor in this voyage
It is now time for you to embark

To Be Loved

To let yourself be loved is hard
It's easier to love without rewards
For to accept another's regard
You must let down your guard

You must let the other see you
As you are, without being uneasy
Your faults will be in plain view
Yet you'll be followed blindly

Of another's love, you are worthy
It doesn't matter who you are
It is one of life's greatest mystery
Someone sees your star

You might be seeking such road
Or following a preset destiny
Along the way, life will explode
Taking you away from reality

To be loved is a gift eternal
Yet so few of us can accept it
For it's a fire so harsh, so final
No one knows if we are fit

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Son

A son’s always born noble
No matter his ancestry
Need not to prove he’s able
To anyone but he

Live not through your son
It is not his destiny
Achieve your own union
Claim your destiny

Let him develop at will
Create and destroy
Though you can instill
The will to learn, to joy

Guide, never direct
Show the end, not how
Let him stand erect
And experience his now

A son reports to none
But his soul ever perfect
Just as you had done
So give him respect

For the first time

For the first time
I wouldn't miss this
The endless grime
The eternal beauty

Magic in everything
In pain and sorrow
Doing the right thing
Standing in a shadow

Being awed always
Jaded beyond repair
Setting a heart ablaze
Freezing in despair

In each first time
We know reality
Feeling the sublime
Even in the nasty

Everything’s a first
Nothing’s repeated
Keep your thirst
It can’t be defeated

No Certainty

There is no certainty
For sure, not even death
As we are, but truly
Sons of our faiths

Yet we speak surely
As we know it all
Giving ever so freely
What we can’t recall

Tomorrow will come
Even we’re not here
Yet we can’t fathom
It actually disappears

We’re certain we’re right
We own the right thinking
So we argue, start to fight
Finding solace in forgiving

There is no certainty
Though we claim to differ
We think ever so passively
Choosing another’s answer

Senseless words

Sitting all afternoon
Talking about nothing
Doing it again soon
This is true living

Senseless banter
With no purpose
But to enjoy an hour
Without any fuss

Wasted away today
Gone tomorrow
No creation, no decay
No joy, no sorrow

Speaking endlessly
With no other reason
To enjoy effortlessly
Each other’s passion

Senseless words
Mean nothing
Yet we’re wizards
Of never ending


Death doesn't exist says the mystic
Yet we feel the pain of absence
Every second so much more realistic
How can we be without that essence?

As long as we live on this side
We'll know the power of distress
Here, there is so much to hide
Everyday we feel a little less

Love in your absence goes away
Cruelly, little by little, day by day
Nothing we do can make it stay
Yet, somehow, we’ll be ok

We’ll remember joy and pain
Aware that we were in love
That feeling we can’t explain
Will disappear here and above

It is true, love cannot exist
Yet we claim it to be eternal
Only the pain will persist
As your absence is final

A Sign

Whether waiting for a sign
Or deciding your fate
The two forever divine
Life you can never negate

A sign means nothing
If you’re not ready to see
That life’s only meaning
Is to give your all freely

What is written in the stars
Is drawn from your blood
You’d be going very far
If you knew what you’ve got

Signs are everywhere
Waiting for interpretation
You just need to be aware
Of being in this union

Listen to the sound eternal
Watch the light so bright
Touch a life so fragile
Smell your birthright

Signs develop subtly
From dawn to sunset
Some clear, others blurry
Watch, never forget

Life's Though

Oh little one, so pure, so brave
To prepare you for life's challenge
We should deny you the love you crave
Yet we must give it, we can't change

Life is though you see, even scary
You'll face dangers of all kinds
A friend will turn in an enemy
Others will pretend, rob you blind

Not even death should scare you
As you learn life's endless mysteries
Wisdom written in everything you do
Stamped in nature for all eternity

Listen to the wind speak his mind
Let the fire burn your passions
Rest on the earth, let your soul unwind
Drink from its source beyond reason

Trust others but don't be fooled
Listen much and speak often
Obey sometimes, never be ruled
See God everywhere, have fun


How wonderful it is
To be on truth's side
Life comes with ease
With 'nothing' to hide

How many self-righteous
Have sinned and hidden
Some are even famous
In their role God given

Convinced without doubt
In the truth of their words
Their thoughts they tout
Covering others in turds

The self-righteous denies
Our right to think freely
Seeing dissent as unwise
Theirs is the only reality

None of us should judge
One with a different opinion
We should focus that urge
On knowing our mansion

No Longer

Unable to appreciate the moment
Preferring the past, even the future
Finding no solace, becoming distant
Each second is a pain to endure

Unwilling to love, to get angry
Afraid to hurt, scared of being so
Yet enjoying the fragile reality
That in being alone, you can grow

Unafraid of staying forever silent
Letting my opinions disintegrate
Living life with no one's agreement
Finding joy without entering the gate

Unsoiled by another's frailty
I see mine without judgment
Praising the same reality
That made me so reluctant

No longer the fruit of another tree
I create my own forest sublime
Eliminating the moment to be free
Living all seconds at the same time


I had my descent into hell
And it was good, fulfilling
I found something to sell
That was never ending

There was everyone I knew
It felt like coming home
It was finally all so true
I would never be alone

Some had been there so long
They'd forgotten everything
There, nothing was wrong
That truth was appealing

I'd still be there I believe
If not for his intervention
To belong here you must believe
As it is beyond any reason

This was a dream, not a reality
I had to face this painfully
Hell only exist in our destiny
When we imagine it faithfully

Thursday, April 30, 2009

In its Absence

In the absence of truth, we have humour
Here lies another eternal irony
For in humour, rests the truth’s odour
As we laughs, recognising its verity

This is not a poor substitution
It’s its essence distillated in words
With faces, sounds or actions
To laugh is the way only forward

Truths is not always present
We miss it only when it’s gone
So to survive without resentment
We crack jokes till the new dawn

It’s also hard to accept from another
So the master creates a story
Hiding reality behind a blunder
Till you accept its undeniable veracity

Having a sense of humour is a gift
Cherish it, nurture it, even share it
Do not let the righteous go adrift
Thinking it’s a sin we should omit

Everybody's Worthy

Everybody's worthy
No exceptions
If you disagree
You have reasons

Yet you are worthy
Even if your actions
Can make you weary
They are common

Truly, what we do
Counts little finally
We have no clue
As to this reality

Yet in the moment
Simply do unto others
What to you is pleasant
We are all beggars

Everybody’s worthy
A truth hard to accept
We think so surely
We’re a better adept


My mind often tells me stop
And I sometimes listen to it
Thinking she’s lost the plot
That annoying little twit

I carry-on often illogically
Going so far out of reason
Even if she doesn’t agree
Let’s get out of that prison

So I live balancing between
Logic and sweet emotions
Knowing neither can ever win
They are too many options

After all, why stop when it’s fun
What dictates what I should do?
Society or experience makes me run
Yet do they really have a clue?

Thinking my mind was my own
I pass my days in the clouds
Looking down on the unknown
Of my own personal crowds

Ego Minister

I minister to myself
I am my biggest flock
I stand on a bookshelf
To listen to me talk

I write my own sermons
As I preach to me alone
I cast my own demons
I’m the angel who’s flown

I give my own blessings
To my every thoughts
I am the eternal being
Who no one has fought

I create my own rituals
Facing the true mirror
Eating the only apple
Unleashing my horror

I am the minister of my ego
I listen for I speak the truth
There’s no one I can follow
I’m the fountain of youth

Too Many

Too many words
Not enough flowers

Too many thoughts
Not enough trees

Too many discussions
Not enough horizons

Too many viewpoints
Not enough reason

Too many clowns
Not enough laughter

Too many philosophers
Not enough wisdom

Too many dancers
Not enough dancing

Too many actors
Not enough life

The Gift

Nothing, you are saying
Until you are singing
To the living, the dying
Only that has a ring

It’s your voice we crave
Your thoughts so brave
Why would you deprave
All those you can save

Speak often and loud
Make us so very proud
That you’re allowed
To know this crowd

Carry all of us far away
With sounds that sway
So that maybe, someday
We’ll know the true way

What you have is a gift
With it, any soul you’ll lift
Do not let it ever go adrift
Make us ready for the shift

Word Power

I know the words to melt you down
And others to hurt you forever deeply
I use them precisely, they're sound
That vibrates your soul unwary

Front the first, second and last
They shape your life, your destiny
Just like time, they pass so fast
Never to retain your memory

They are evil in their beauty
Unable to forgive, nor forget
They remind us of our frailty
In each of the seconds we regret

We were here before they were
We made them what they are
We forgot that it was in anger
We created words to go far

They’ll go when we remember
That we think best in images
Conveying the secret we’re after
Eternal wisdom of the ages

The Unlake

We swim in it often
The unlake has no end
Its shores are beaten
Just like an old friend

We walk it never alone
Surrounded by soul mates
Who are ready to condone
Our deeply rooted hate

Many lives are hurt
By its unnerving waves
Relentless yet in concert
Erasing even the braves

We all have to cross it
To reach the same shore
We might even commit
To its endless rancor

If you haven’t guessed
The name of the unlake
Prepare to be a guest
As despair for you waits

A Good Day

A good day is one when I barely sin
When everything seems normal
No temptations shows within
I’ve lost the will, the desire to fall

A good day is when your smiles
Refresh my reasons for living
They’re like decorated tiles
On the wall of time never ending

A good day is when we trust all
Aware that the world we see in
We designed to rest our souls
Teaching others a life never ending

A good day is when I let God
Reach deep to the end of me
As I realise, isn’t that odd
That he is me, that we are he

A good day starts with you
When we share thoughts, ideas
There is nothing we can’t do
When we’re unprotected by dogma

Evolved Descent

We're not monkeys
They behave better
They hold the keys
To our real nature

We think we’re evolved
Yet we lost so much
Wisdom has dissolved
In the hands of a church

Behaving like animals
We shame our cousins
Preferring not to battle
Watching over our coffins

Our words are complex
Having lost all senses
We’re so far the apex
Where it truly commences

Our evolution is descending
We know what we’re doing
The beasts will keep breathing
As we argue our undoing

The Dream of Death

The dream of death is powerful
It decides on the fate of religions
It creates the belief we need to rule
Over others, over our passions

Faultless in his eternal progression
Inevitable from the very first start
We over thought its primal reasons
Thinking we’d never take it to heart

Yet a dream is but a dream
Never to decide our fates
An endless thought stream
Irresponsible in what it creates

Death is the ultimate door
Shared between two realities
Each thinking there is more
On the other side of the key

The dream of death will not end
Nor will it start to make sense
It matters not if we make amends
It’s all but pure nonsense

Same God

We pray to the same God
In our houses of stones
Yet others seem odd
As we judge the unknown

Their books are our books
Ancient, given from above
Different paths we took
To reach the same love

We fight each other
Over a finer point
Yet in that funeral hour
We’ll end in the same joint

Religions and philos
Rise to your teachings
Let go of your egos
Count your blessings

We will not wait for you
To evolve and mature
We’ll create without ado
A spirituality that endures

The Moment

Take the moment seriously
So you can have fun in it
Not all that passes as reality
Is painful, or even sweet

Is the moment all there is?
Cause we seem to flow
In each second with ease
We can only but follow

In a moment life has passed
Years in a frozen second
Every action crumbled
Into one eternal sound

The moment is a gift
That stays in the present
Forever still, forever adrift
Only a God can grant

So, yes, we only have a moment
To express our love, our feelings
To regret for being absent
To forgive and be life giving

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A heart ripped apart
Bleeding from the soul
Aware from the start
This wasn’t the goal

It began open ended
With nothing to hide
Talking as if haunted
By a joy without pride

Growing into passion
Lost in world unaware
We lived beyond reason
Letting everyone stare

I didn’t see it coming
It ended without a word
It was just a morning
Yet a sunset so absurd

My heart is eternally ripped
Nothing can replace that
One day I’ll change the script
And regain what you spat

Trying Not To Hide

Trying hard not to hide anything
I hold the deepest secret of old
I know a word so soothing
It will turn lead into pure gold

You know it well, heard it before
Felt it sounded rather pleasant
Unaware that it would restore
Any soul that became absent

Know that it was never truly lost
It traveled in speech and stories
Hidden from the useless frost
Of frozen hearts and memories

You might speak it rather often
Thinking it must belong to you
It’s universal, next time listen
You might learn a thing or two

I try hard to hide absolutely nothing
Yet if I told you what that word was
You’d think that I must be kidding
You knew it before it ever was

Shadow On My Soul

There is a shadow on my soul
A sense of satisfied despair
Unsure of what is my role
I know what should be fair

Was I born with this defect
An ancestral affliction
Passed to sons as an object
A heritage beyond reason

I live with it as my shadow
Follows my every moves
I noticed it so long ago
I no longer of it disapprove

It is with me often for worse
Tainting any sound judgment
Some would it call it a curse
Yet it looks like a talent

There is a shadow on my soul
Yet it affects only my mind
Perfection remains whole
Free of what makes me blind

An Innocent’s Death

What makes us kill children
Without even an afterthought
Are we so lame, so broken
That we’re no longer distraught

Spare me the taint of an apology
How do we know how one feels
When a loved one is taken from thee
We will know the depth of the ordeal

Innocence cannot be learned
It’s a birth gift we all possess
No one returns to be burned
We come to show noblesse

So why kill the innocent?
What could they have done?
Showing hatred to an infant
Forces us to go on and on

Are you innocent, son of sin
Didn’t your god tell you so?
Is your patience’s wearing thin
In the light of another’s halo

The Lost World

The past is all but lost
Like a world forgotten
We want at all cost
To come back often

Time goes but one way
Our mind cannot fathom
That any of the old days
Could again become

So a story is made
To remember them
And as they fade
They leave a poem

Yet but once is time
An eternal second
A timeless crime
Against reason

A second has passed
And that world is lost
It’s but life’s impasse
It’s the price, the cost


Am at another crossroad
Unsure of turning where
Choices are all so broad
Success, all so rare

How did I end here again?
Lost among uncertainty
It’s all confusing, all so Zen
Even not choosing is a reality

Though I can turn around
Look or walk in my past
Hoping that this time round
I’ll make choices that last

Should I turn? Go straight?
Call the Devil for advice?
After all, nothing dictates
That my mind will suffice

I’ll choose eventually
To but move forward
Waiting ever so eagerly
As the road turns inward

Small Things, Big Things

It’s in the small things
That big ones are born
It’s only the beginning
Of a story well worn

We tend to make mountains
Out of so many molehills
Yet aren’t we the captains
Of our souls, our minds, our wills?

Some see the devil in details
Others see God in all splendour
Breaking free of dogmatic tales
Is the only way to become better

A small light will shatter darkness
Though it’s easy to kill it soon
The right idea will do no less
No one can ever be immune

A big thing today shrinks tomorrow
We never live in the same world twice
A small thing blows-up tomorrow
Seek both, it’s the only price


To forgive would force me to judge
Anyone who would comes to me
I often think my way, I do not budge
A dogma made from what I see

I think I’m right rather than not
Who could argue with my logic
My truths, my beliefs are all I got
You don’t believe me, oh cynic?

I’m told forgiveness is divine
By good thinkers and well doers
For those who cross the line
Expect nothing from such actors

Here lies a fallacy in thinking
To forgive you must have judged
Doing therefore the evil’s bidding
Your reputation forever smudged

Do not question my authority
And I will not question yours
Leave me to fail beautifully
Let me not close any doors

Killing Destinies

Starting every forth century
With a renewed sense of hope
We sense the end of reality
As a knot in a mystical rope

Shattered on the battlefield
Cause we think we think better
Such hope we’d better conceal
Till it’s time for the thereafter

The thoughts of tomorrow
Bathed in faith and joy
Always find their echo
In what we can destroy

To protect our own destiny
As we fear all new ideas
We kill and shield bravely
Those with different auras

In their death life resonates
Ready to forgive the few
Who‘d leave all to their fate
Letting them be true

Last Sun

Seeing the sun for the last time
Sadly aware that in the morrow
Life will finally become sublime
As we forget our fear and sorrow

It was a sun like any other day
Round, brilliant, edgeless
Always ready to give way
To the Goddess moon no less

Though this morning it was back
Unchanged, just as we remembered
We knew something wasn’t quite right
As if all questions had been answered

Yet the last day passed without doubts
Somehow everyone knew their destinies
Without a word, a cry or even a shout
We marched into the night with ease

The last sun will not be our end
No dogma can convince us of that
It will be just like an old friend
Ready to listen, ready to chat

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Who will ever remember
Who fell in love, who didn’t?
Who’s worse, who’s better?
Who’s an idiot, who’s brilliant?

The memories of man are shallow
We mold them to suit our needs
We forget what we don’t want to know
We keep what we need to succeed

The same thought, the same action
Is remembered differently by all
Balancing between fact and fiction
We teach the truth on what we recall

Yet all we are has been recorded
For all to see today and forever
Our sins and all we hold sacred
Kept in a stone truly stellar

Who can read from this book
But the one who’s writing it
For we all know where to look
Inside, where the soul sits

Thinking It’s all Me

Thinking it’s all me
Would be arrogant
Denying, you see
A God so ancient

Thinking it’s all me
Would take you out
We wouldn’t agree
Each on his route

Thinking it’s all me
Would claim the life
Of an innocent baby
As it shies from strife

Thinking it’s all me
Would make me bitter
Of all I had not be
Oh, to have been better

Thinking it’s all me
Removes the divine
No one will be free
No one will be fine

Thank you for…

Thank you for…

The days gone by
The lives, the loves
The screams, the sighs
The bees, the doves

The young, the old
The mistakes, a few
The stories we told
The idiot, the guru

The passion, the sex
The food, the drinks
The words of an ex
The eternal sphinx

The work, the money
The truth, the doubts
Chocolate covered honey
And those darn trouts

But most of all, I have to say
Some things could not have been
Without the ultimate birthday
So thank you for my passing

In The Moment

To be in the moment
Is to miss no one, nothing
Beyond being content
Life finds its meaning

In that eternal second
You are indivisible
Passing beyond
All are equal

Wisdom is revealed
Not by words or songs
But a light unsealed
Nothing is wrong

You see it all
Life’s true sense
Truly adorable
Sincerely immense

The past, the future
Exist no longer
Nothing to endure
Nothing maters

The Night

The night leaves traces
That the soul remembers
Wearing a million faces
We have to surrender

Living in an altered state
Just as real as the past day
We can take risks, tempt fate
If we only knew the way

Life we can't control
Dreams even more so
In both we play a role
In each we must grow

Initiate of the night
Remember the lessons
That you can't be right
If you're pure reason

Respect the night
As it takes you whole
Tomorrow, the light
Will give you all

Another Day

It was just another day
As the few who cared
Had simply passed away
Finally, eternally spared

Yet it’s never a simple day
For in all, all is possible
As there is but one way
To define the unreasonable

Tomorrow, today, yesterday
Three days in which we live
Two can lead you astray
One can leave you pensive

Tomorrow, will you be there?
To see the sun rise again
Or will you finally be aware
That no light shines in vain

There will be another day
For our children to see
If we come back this way
Let us remember happily

Universal Moral

One universal moral
Has to exist in time
A word that says it all
A thought sublime

Searching eternally
For a truthful reason
Nothing exist really
Life’s but a prison

Yet to deny reality
Is a waste of time
For we are, really
Children of I am

As of the original word
No one ever thought
To keep a record
Of what was taught

Why do such a thing
As it is universal
So it’s in your being
In the good, in the evil

Demon's Whispers

Are my thoughts all true?
Are they a demon's whispers?
The truths I know are few
Some even belong to the hour

When I calm my confused mind
Do I hear gods or angels talking?
A noisy chatter of the blind
Unaware of where I'm walking

If it sounds too good, is it truly so?
Is it disguised to make us fall?
Is this the path we must follow?
What's the answer? Is it a riddle?

Though we know how to question
The answers are most uncertain
Doubting the source and its reason
Unable to see who’s behind the curtain

What is a demon’s whisper?
When the words are so familiar
We’re not that good a reader
Often taking the truth of a liar

Creature of Midnight

I'm creature of the night
I prowl in search of a fight
Creating an atmosphere so tight
I see you, my prey, finally in sight
Innocent victim, sleep tight
Under a moon silver and bright
Striving in the absence of light
Reflecting shadows give fright
You know not what you ignite
As you cross to the twilight
Whether wrong or right
We dance a soulless rite
Who knew that what we unite
Are an Angel, a Devil, tonight
Everything will be all right
As you know, it is midnight


Oh, wasted life, so expensive
Costing its owner, and you
Working without reprieve
Yet so little we truly do

A second is an expense
Against life's account
Arrogance, even pretense
What do we want?

We loose a life given
Wasting time joyfully
Yet the gift's uneven
As we steal mercilessly

Life is a precarious balance
As we take, so we must give
It's almost like a romance
The middle is to forgive

A life wasted doesn't come back
We might as well invest it all
Feeling, loving, being out of whack
We might as well have a ball


The urge to hate is strong
A river of lava in the veins
In an instant, all's wrong
Hating everything in vain

The world has changed
Taken over by pain
A joyless sun is blamed
For such a sinful stain

To hate with a passion
Rarely seen in nature
After losing all reason
The night we must endure

No one truly knows why
We suffer such a fate
Yet at the moment we die
We know it's not too late

To hate can't be divine
As such we assume
Unaware the sublime
For it, make room

Friday, January 30, 2009

Greed & Faith

Greed so tempting
Faith so fragile
What’s winning
Isn’t it futile

Desires rule
Make us full
In all aspects

Faith’s a choice
Without thinking
It is the voice
That’s asking

We sway all day
One’s natural
The other, a way
We’re so fragile

Aim for balance
Or choose either
Both the essence
Of this creature

I Fight

I fight the intolerant
Teachers who crush
The less than ignorant
The infant in a rush

I fight ignorance
In me and others
With faith, science
I test our valour

I fight the words
That kill innocents
Speaking like a bird
Often barely decent

I fight weakness
Mostly just mine
Avoiding blandness
In the thoughts I design

I fight my own battle
With no one else
It’s my cage I rattle
I fight myself

The Supreme Cause

Fighting our way through a life unwanted
Spent focusing on the value of a stone
Forgetting the supreme cause of the gifted
To develop a spirit we can call our own

As nations separated from religion
It’s time for faith to create its own rift
To leave dogma, regain its passion
To truly understand, it is its own gift

No matter whether you’re rich or poor
Your supreme cause is the same as mine
To develop your spirit and truly implore
Your own divinity, and stop being so blind

It is far fetched to search for it outside
When all along it was entrenched inside
Sometimes buried, often willingly denied
In some cases, even killed by pride

The supreme cause is for us to take
To make it ours, to love and cherish
It nourishes our soul, turns it awake
No matter if you follow a god or a fetish

One Hundred Steps

Everyday, for so many years
I climbed a hundred steps alone
For the right to learn, to culture
For the right to be my own

No questions, it was the path
Between home and school
No hatred, no common wrath
They sat, facing me, the fool

Each step but a short barrier
Taken in stride, all the way
To reach the ultimate altar
The top, where all would pray

Climbing-up started our day
The same way down, closed it
A temporal ritual, an ancient ballet
Where all kids were getting fit

I miss those stones without end
That’s how it felt before the first
Just as an initiation would intend
We learned by being immersed


My mind’s no longer mine
I lost it on the way here
It won’t make a headline
I know it’s somewhere near

It’s such a fleeting thing
Neither here nor there
Sensing it without asking
We know we are aware

I can argue my case well
With another, as an equal
Yet everything that we sell
Is rarely true or factual

As I supposedly grow wise
The certainties of my youth
For which I’d let you die
They’re no longer the truth

Why is it here, with us?
Easily confused with a drink
I suspect I am conscious
What do you think?

I Not Understand

What’s with languages?
And their constructions
Some birthed in the ages
Other as new as fashion

What’s with their constructions?
Their rules, grammar, accents
Some have their own reasons
Others are sons of events

We think, we speak, we write
We write as we pretend to speak
We think what we say is alright
In that way, as a kind, we’re unique

We spell the same word differently
Among ourselves, even ourselves
We change and mold reality
In books lost on bookshelves

I don’t understand
I do not understand
I donot understand
I not understand

Nothing Good

Nothing good came out of being honest
A truly peculiar and surreal philosophy
Spoken in a moment truly earnest
When questioned about this reality

Nothing good came out of telling lies
On the same day, same train of thought
We accept it without questions, yet it defies
The real stories of those who need your vote

Do you know the old hypocrite’s oath?
Claiming truth to be universal, blameless
Are you aware that we must have both
To truly understand our own noblesse

So, will you think on your own terms
Or accept without a doubt that word
Are you ready to let yourself learn
What everyone else has already heard

Nothing good came out of being honest
Nothing good came out of telling lies
Why question it? Can’t you let it rest?
In doing so, you might finally rise

Anthem Nation

Listen to your anthem
Think of those before
Feel words so solemn
They sing forevermore

Speaking of freedom
Gained on battlefield
In spring, in autumn
A destiny revealed

An author like you
Sat and thought
What would we do
If no one had fought?

Would we be free, alive
Ready to face destiny
Or simply able to survive
Under another’s glory

The struggle of a nation
Plays in the hearts of the dead
Every time you cry with passion
Those words that can’t be left unsaid

Odd Friends

I have as my better friends
The oddest of characters
For each I would die, defend
Against all sorts of wankers

To be part of such an elite
I can’t claim any sanity
We live to the same beat
Truly devoid of your reality

To be odd, just see differently
Ignore convention and dogma
Decide that the true beauty
Lies beyond this closed vista

I question everything they say
Aware they don’t mean any of it
It’s a circular illogic game we play
Endlessly made-up as we see fit

We are odd, but we’ll be friends
When you lay cold, alone and flat
For in our mind, there is no end
To this brotherhood under one hat

The Bed

The bed is so comfy
It keeps on calling me
It’s all that I can see
I am so very sleepy

We mate, we dream
We cry, we scream
We go to extreme
In the bed supreme

We part with sorrow
So that we can grow
In the day’s dying glow
We return to what we know

We lie without pretense
Alive in a dream so dense
We are without defense
We loose in every sense

There is but one bed
As my ancestors said
In which you’ll play dead
In which you’ll be wed

Effacing our Street

Effacing a street’s name
Is but killing our History
We will never be the same
When loosing our own story

Just like effacing one’s name
To destroy his soul, his goal
Even a Pharaoh is to blame
In this forever pointless control

Every day, officials play God
With a town’s unique memory
Written in tears, joy and blood
Listen to their ephemeral glory

Forgetting what it was named
We remember where it lead us
We will always be blamed
For losing many wise elders

The grass will grow again
Thoughts will come back
It can never be forgotten
We’ll walk again in its track

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Music we Say

In the time an hour take
I heard the sound of life
The music we all make
Notes of love and strife

Some words, a melody
Noise of many thoughts
On the stone of eternity
Imprint what we’re taught

An hour without music
We’ll befriend even death
There is no other magic
Than the sound of our breath

Not all will appreciate
Such cacophony
In unison we vibrate
Makers of a sound reality

The music we say
Pray that it will last
It’s the price to pay
It will go so fast

The Brethren

Thirteen we met first
Under Napoleon's beams
Scotland quenched our thirst
This wasn’t a dream

Lying around in disorder
Talking it all without logic
We were the creators
Of our world of magic

Each word we shouted
Fell on rather deaf hears
For each other we courted
And rally all to our fears

Nothing secret nor worthy
Came out of our souls
For we were quite unruly
In establishing our goals

The brethren is a society
Of fouls, not of strangers
We carry on our destinies
Until we’re all victors

We are Raindrops

We are raindrops
Of the same cloud
Screaming all the way
Joining our essence

We’re born in conflict
Strong and fulfilled
Broken into pieces
Falling together

As we fall, we live
Separate but together
Time, speed, increasing
Hitting our destination

Once there, our soul
Goes back to origin
Lighter, brighter, simpler
Alive, purest sense

We will come again
Different but the same
Raining as we must
Alive and well meaning

The Seer

A seer sees what’s not yet
Predicting what to avoid
Showing a life at the onset
Allowing us to fulfill the void

We remember the past
Molding it to our desires
Yet the future’s so vast
We forget as it expires

What special skills
Must I learn to see
A mission to fulfill
The end of a journey

I am no seer, for sure
Yet I often foresee
Everything I endure
In pain, in glory

What if the seer told
About the life to be had
Ah, to be so bold
Ah, to be so bad

Solomon's Mission

Solomon's mission
Shows the way
Carried by masons
One stone a day

Leading mankind
Into its own body
The flame entwined
Let the spirit see

In degrees three
The light opens
A mind to study
A road to eleven

Start with a question
Surrender the answer
There is no real reason
In becoming better

Solomon's mission
Knows the way
Carried in passion
One stone a day

Less Than That

To be less than what you could be
Is an insult to the spirit within
No matter what you say or see
Life needs you to change, to win

Born with an infinite potential
We squander our gift of time
Thinking tomorrow will be special
We forget to live in this lifetime

We learn who we are from others
Seeking validation in another’s eyes
Yet all along, we seek answers
Already within us, under disguise

From time to time, an epiphany
Shows the truth that was there
We are one, of the same destiny
Even when opinions are everywhere

Divine you are, to be less than that
Is the biggest sin you can fathom
Choose to be an eagle or a rat
Either way, the end is in freedom

Of this World, I Know Nothing

Of this world, I know nothing
Passing through seven gates
I catch a glimpse of me dying
Watching stages of my fate

In this world, I know even less
Passing through cycles of seven
The many sins I should confess
None can close the door to heaven

This is a world of many failures
Each teaching what we need
With every word, a soul conjures
The destinies that’ll make it bleed

No matter what spirit you claim
You are bound in a machine
That has but no other aim
Than to teach the unseen

In this world, of this world
Pray to know the difference
A simple yet powerful word
Can change your balance

The Ochre Tree

Standing in majesty on the hill
The ochre tree knew its place
In elated destiny, it was its will
To face the sun’s embrace

In the burning morning sun
In the evening disappearing
Can’t see where each begun
Married in colour blurring

Many came to rest and pray
Faced with a life unnerving
Twirled in its endless ballet
They came to finally begin

Sleeping under its shade often
I knew peace’s true meaning
A lack of needs that threatened
The livelihood of the dying

It is still there, the ochre tree
Majestic and always inviting
I shall return to pray and see
A friend always so forgiving

The Evil Carnival

Dance, twisted marionette
Never stop, never give-in
You will one day forget
Where you have been

Star of an evil carnival
Led by a hidden master
Fighting the eternal rival
Source of this disaster

Drawn in the same image
Resembling a lost puppet
Unaware of the damage
Caused when you’re upset

You move rather awkwardly
Through thoughts and ideas
Thought to behave badly
As you ignore their dogma

All the clowns, the animals
Join you in an eternal dance
The moral of this evil carnival
Is you don’t stand a chance

East to West

Move along, the east
A soul never rests
It’s no small feast
To reach the west

Born in the east
Afraid of the west
Where the beast
Is wholly obsessed

Born in the west
Thinking the east
A thought expressed
Doesn’t even exist

From east to west
We live in agony
Dying without rest
Intertwined destinies

Move along, the West
It’s no small feast
For a soul to not rest
Till it’s in the east

Time and Time Again

The secret of life is not in love
As the opened heart sees
It’s in time below and above
That we learn life’s degrees

Time gives us a simple joy
To experience in sequence
All that we truly hate, enjoy
From the mild to the intense

Allowing us to think through
What we want to do next
To ignore or follow the queue
Of events within their contexts

Without it we can’t appreciate
The romance of a love lost
We wouldn’t be able to wait
Till we’ve paid life’s full cost

Time and time again we gain
An extraordinary chance to live
And eventually, to humbly attain
The ability of our love to give

Cloudy Sun

Cloudy sun in morning glory
You’ve taken away our hope
Yet your are strong, without pity
Your light shines down our slope

It was a morning like any other
Yet a few knew it was the end
They had prepared for that hour
While the rest talked among friends

Life will never be the same
Without the gold and blue
We’ll strive without aim
Mildly aware of what we knew

Our paths will cross again
As they did yesterday
Trying to remember in vain
What it felt like to know the way

Oh cloudy sun, how cruel
You stand in perpetual motion
I shall miss this eternal duel
As you’ll win without questions

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wanting Nothing

Out of life, I want nothing
To simply give my whole
Reach the eternal ending
Where I will know it all

In those years in between
Tearing out the book of days
To re-write what I’ve seen
Teaching all in my ways

Listening to my own voice
I’ll repeat the word of Adam
Taking control of each choice
Repeating it ad nauseam

When all would have heard
We’ll stop thinking differently
Humanity finally centered
All able to see so clearly

Then I’ll let go of my ego
And stop learning everything
I’ll experience the true zero
I’ll be wanting nothing


Answer the eternal riddle
Show me the ages of man
Our civilisation’s cradle
Where it all began

On all four we start
Of mind and soul
Neither is apart
Two in one whole

As we reach the two
We think for ourselves
Where nothing is new
Books are on shelves

When the third appear
We comfort our destiny
Open our hearts to hear
The call of this reality

Finally, the sphinx reappears
Ready to listen to our answer
Did we waste all those tears
Waiting for the ever after

Journey To Madness

I traveled the senseless road
To the eternal end of time
Where reason was flawed
And folly taken for sublime

I passed the valley of fantasy
Unaware that I was in it
I would have walked slowly
If I knew where were my feet

Climbing the mountain of hope
I found the unheard off-reality
Where the mirror had to elope
To reflect on its silly destiny

Following the river of dread
Where all I knew drowned
Of myself, I stayed ahead
After all, I was going around

In the end, nothing stopped
Starting again the same journey
I had to decide what to adopt
Madness, folly or to never be


Heal thyself, Son of God
Learn the ancient ways
Decide when to be awed
Set your heart ablaze

You own your medicine
In strength, in weakness
Wherever you’ve been
Teach what is ageless

Deep within the recess
Of your soul eternal
Find the word priceless
The sound verbal

Once you’ve learned
What all have let go
Repeat in pure pattern
As above so below

And within no time
You will be at ease
Aware of the sublime
Owner of the lilies

God’s Work

Are we free to do God’s work
Or is Satan a better employer
In my life, am I but a clerk
Or the star of the morning hour

God’s work seems so far fetch
No knowing where to begin
Our souls we need to stretch
Dead to what we could’ve been

Should we choose the evil glory
Even if for but a moment in time
To be on top, never to feel sorry
Till the call of the angel sublime

If we are of the same blessed image
Why don’t I know right from wrong
Why do I need to become a sage
To understand where I belong

God’s work might be our curse
As we aim to become one again
Tempted by what is perverse
Yet both have the same aim

Everything We Know

Everything we know matters not
Let’s face it, knowledge is futile
The end is not what we thought
We can keep a life so fragile

As you search to know more
Often more than you need
But creating an idol to adore
Knowledge becomes a creed

We are simple mortal beings
Fearful of the everlasting limit
Searching a different ending
To a life all too often pathetic

How do we grow out of such a rut
Do we take the left or right path
Staying honest or prone to shortcuts
An atheist attacked by God’s wrath

And here lies a paradox ancient
We’d forgotten our true way
Relearn to be a being sentient
Then you’ll know it’s child’s play

The Answer

The answer you seek is not in books
It resides neither in words nor in symbols
It’s not written in the stars, don’t look
It wasn’t even written by angels

The answer resides in the question
The one you ask as you wonder
Is this life I own without reason
Does it lead to something better

Here lies a truth we have forgotten
We read without being challenged
By the very thought that’d christen
The new life in which we’d plunged

To search the answer you seek
You need to change your words
Learn reality and its mystique
Listen to the language of the birds

Every question brings its answer
Not in the new idea you received
In the process which got you closer
As you learn not to be deceived


There’s nothing I want
No one I want to meet
No foolish pride to flaunt
Nothing won, no defeat

Nothing has meaning
If you’re alive but alone
Come to the beginning
Live what we’ve known

Nothing makes sense
Today or tomorrow
Not even the sequence
Of the time we borrow

Nothing can be felt
If you have no heart
As you’ve been dealt
A soul unable to start

The world was nothing
It will become again
We are but a plaything
Not even the son of men

Nature of Light

It is the real nature of light
To change the mind of nature
Opening the doors of delight
Showing our true future

Darkness would have us endure
A life devoid of the true light
In order to simply ensure
That we die without a fight

The simple candlelight
Can take a sad, dark room
And turn the wrong to right
Chasing forever the gloom

Open your eyes, see the sun
Burning in each other’s heart
Ready to take off and run
Away from what keeps us apart

Such is the nature of light
AS it changes our nature
Giving us that god given right
To be who we are, to nurture

More Than One

Can you love more than one God
And still be faithful to one only
Would such belief be really odd
Against what we know of reality

What about a friend, a spouse
Wouldn’t you be split apart
Such feeling would arouse
A confusion without a start

For one, the heart wasn’t meant
It belongs to all who truly love
One another without restraint
Without any fear from above

Yet, to learn such a lesson
We need to face heartaches
Without the fear of treason
Ready to make every mistake

For more than one, we were made
As time passes for such reason
To experience a life that evades
Those choosing to ignore the lesson


Giving-up is a strange sensation
Lost between a reason, an emotion
It feeds upon itself without aim
For a life we can no longer claim

To give-up is a sign of weakness
A gift we own, often senseless
A reason to take another road
An excuse for a logic flawed

Yet it also demonstrate strength
As we often go to great length
To justify one way or another
A reason we chose for the better

Yet in the many crossroads we face
To let go of a way without disgrace
We need to decide which to take
And choose the one to forsake

Choices make us who we are
Our hearts are constantly at war
Between giving-up or taking
The right road without asking

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Unwritten

Some thoughts better left unsaid
Many stories, better left unwritten
As for each, the price to be paid
Is never worth the lesson given

To those living in quiet folly
As if the sake of another
Mattered more than your story
Either to not be repeated ever

If you live under codes so secret
That you know not whom you serve
One day, you will wake-up to regret
Always, getting what you deserve

To those shadows of history
You lives mattered in the end
Without you, this reality
Will not be so grand

So live as if you counted
Express you deeper opinions
Each light cannot be wasted
We are, after all, legions

In Death

In death, I cry not for the departed
I cry for my own selfish sorrow
For I bare not to be cheated
Of those who listened to my ego

Yet in it, I see the life I had
Good, bad and in between
None can truly make me sad
As I know it’s only a scene

All one we are supposed to be
Yet I can only take life selfishly
Centered in my desire to see
And judge all, ever so brashly

So everyday I see my own God
Treasuring the power he gave
Thinking that everyone is awed
By a creation that can’t behave

And in this day, I prepare death
Learning all that I’ll never need
Each as a symbol of the breath
Taken by another who breast-feeds


When the greatest words
No longer take you forward
When the best intentions
Are to be seen with suspicion
You know it’s the beginning
Of a life without meaning

Why fight what is inevitable
All our thoughts are brittle
Unable to resist time’s fate
As we feel not love nor hate
Towards ourselves, or the other
Unaware that we become weaker

In the days we’re meant to live
We avoid thinking, yet stay active
As we prefer not to know too much
Should reason reach us and touch
Giving our soul its true meaning
To go forth, even when dying

I am Evil

I am evil
I know that now

I am divine
I know that too

My thoughts, words, acts
Are here to serve no one but me

Your happiness, as it happens
A by-product of a misplaced will

Yet my happiness depends on you
Here lies the unknown paradox

For to know you are evil
The divine light has to be burning

I am evil
I know that now

I am divine
I know that too

The Future

Keep an eye on the future
It will soon be yesterday
In an unforgiving gesture
Time erases the way

Is it written in the stars
That you shall pass on
Should you travel far
To start, as in ‘once upon’

Is your past the source
Of a tomorrow you hate
Or but another course
In the life that awaits

Thinking only of tomorrow
And forgetting the present
Brings a reality full of sorrow
For loosing such a moment

The past , the future live today
Nothing will ever matter more
Than the second giving way
To another, a sister, a whore

What the...

What the fuck am I doing here?
Why did I forget what I'd learned?
Nothing I see is as it appears
My memories, weren’t they earned?

Why don’t I have a map, a goal?
Why aren't we working together?
To reach the ultimate whole
The one who made us actors

Where on earth is this heaven?
Than the chosen ones talk about
We constantly have to outrun
The feelings that make us doubt

Where am I going at such speed?
Will I be better off once there?
Why am I judged by my deeds?
What of thoughts and nightmares?

What the fuck am I doing here?
Why come if it’s to go back?
There, there was nothing to fear
Here, everything is rather black

Listen to Nature

Listen to nature, it speaks not
Yet its every word transcend
Everything we thought we forgot
From the beginning till the end

Nature was here before us
As a planet, a god, a goddess
As we remain fearful, anxious
We know it knows we’re careless

We’ve forgotten the words in the wind
They’re truth has gone from our lips
The old contract we chose to rescind
And live by the wit of our quips

Of all the problems we’ve ever faced
Nature had the answer all along
As the sons of the fallen, the disgraced
We thought we would never be wrong

Listen to nature, to God, it’s the same path
In the Garden of Eden we already live
And to those who believe in its wrath
Never forget nature’s capacity to forgive

Without Sound

Life is sound
Words are sound
Music is sound
Life is sound

Sound of life
Plays simply
Endless strife
Our glory

Words vibrate
Dance eternal
Forever eight
Nothing final

Music lives
In all hearts
All captive
Divine Art

Without sound
We cease
Nothing abound
We decrease


How are we connected
You I know nothing of
What string enchanted
Can never keep us off

You are my mirror
As you sit facing me
It’s not an error
We are who we see

Each thought you claim
Belongs to me, to another
As we are but the same
Yet we’ll never surrender

As we watch our lives differ
Unaware we think the same
We couldn’t be prouder
Of the one we’re about to blame

We are children of the same thought
A word we have long since forgotten
We strive to ignore what we’ve taught
To ensure no one will ever listen


Don’t let me destroy you
In my thoughts, in my words
With you, I want nothing to do
Rather than act as a bastard

Don’t even think of the same
For I’ll fight till the bitter end
Realise, this is not a game
It’s for our lives that we fend

Don’t criticize what you know not
Embrace it, ignore it, pass it on
For an idea could save our lot
Unless killed by a moron

Don’t let me define you
For what do I know
I barely have a clue
Of my own ego

Don’t, simply don’t
Yourself you must build
As others won’t
Stop when fulfilled

The Fourth Day

On the fourth day
The sun shone
The moon gave way
Greater, lesser, alone

Since such elusive lights
We’ve learned much more
Yet we still keep up the fight
Uncertain of what to adore

The fourth day lights
Of such outer dimension
Gives us no insights
Not even a reason

This truth we seek
Makes us mad
For we are weak
Possibly sad

As what you seek
Comes in three
A trinity mystique
Inwards, we’re free

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We live by rules
Or die by them
We must be a tool
In our own poem

Timeless edicts
Lost in our past
Each critics
Ideas so vast

Rules save us
From stupidity
Never anxious
To behave badly

God or man made
They are the same
As in us we fade
When we blame

The gift of rules
Evades logic
Taking the fools
In tragic magic

Death Takes So Much

Death takes so much
Yet gives us so little
Unless you touch
A God so brittle

Is it the beginning
Or an end so dark
What of our being
What of our spark

Is there nothing
Is heaven waiting
For us to be dying
Of a soul never ending

Why can't we remember
What we've forgotten
Was it much brighter
Than this role given

Death has already taken
Those we loved so dear
It can wait till we're broken
To alleviate our fear


No one wins a war
We only lose people
When we go so far
We forget our role

Battles of the many
Decided by the few
No one else can see
The reason in folly

Training, re-training
Till nothing's left to learn
Ultimate goal, winning
Even if we burn

We battled everyday
A cunning enemy
Who wants his way
We are it, you see

Listen to the call
Before the fall
So for one, for all
We battle our soul


How could the one, perfect
Create such an imperfection
Unless we are but the subject
Of the theory of the question

To create is divine for sure
Making things up from within
There is nothing more pure
To express the yang, the yin

We can all create whatever
With or, often, without an aim
To toil at it all day with ardour
Let our mind go without refrain

So we are perfect by default
Born in this state unwilling
We ignore that blessed salt
In favour of endless babbling

This given life, we created
Playing God for the fun of it
Till we realise it's enchanted
We'll praise the wrong culprit

No Name, No Stone

How many have passed away
Forgotten, no name, no stone
Souls with nothing left to say
Lives gone, cut to the bone

Each but a library of emotions
Crushed between joy and hate
Surrendering always to passions
To their death they were not late

Remembering some in thoughts
Countless lost to the depth of time
In what dream were they caught?
Forgetting them is not a crime

Yet they made us who we are
Their simple lives mattered
They're in us, how bizarre
They silent prayer, answered

No name, no stone for the common
Only remembered by their children
They're presence was a summon
Let's live as if we were in heaven

Place Your Faith

Place your faith in another
And you will be disappointed
Yet you might a lost brother
In the secret of a life wounded

Place your faith in the material
And you might even be fated
Yet despite annoying trials
You life could be boosted

Place your faith in the spirit
And you could be anointed
You might even have merit
And live a life enchanted

Place your faith in God
And you could be forgiven
You might even find it odd
That your sins lead to heaven

Place your faith in you
And you could be right
Between evil and virtue
You might win without a fight

But for the life of me
Your faith must be placed
None of these roads will be easy
At least, your soul won't go to waste

Time Less

Less time makes sense
We spin around forever
Always in the past tense
We loose life in the hour

For the now is all there is
Just as yesterday was now
Tomorrow will be a tease
Another now we will allow

Timelessness is such a curse
Yet, the source of all we are
So many angels are perverse
Turning demons into a star

What is a mission without end
When the second has turned
Will you remember the hand
That was never returned

Logic and emotions fail
When time is less than it is
For every life we derail
Death comes with such ease


There is nothing interesting
No questions really answered
All Gods eventually disappointing
No words truly meaningful
No thoughts actually challenging
This is the end of the world
Jaded to death, not ready to die
How to find the magic of life
To keep on living with hope
When all dreams are gone
No reasons left to progress
Not even a spark of sadness
Can keep us truly alive
A long list of pseudo-reasons
Keep us from moving on
Even such euphemism
Carries no meaning anymore
No pain, no joy, no present
Days are timeless, endless

Failed Yet Again

Failure is not an option
It is but a way of life
A gift far from reason
The end of endless strife

To fail is to try, isn't it?
Two words many hate
Nothing is so sweet
As to win against fate

How many time must you
Before you learn reality
There's nothing to do
But to admire its beauty

Failing despite ourselves
Just as we succeed
A book full of shelves
Of all the mistakes we need

Failing is a curse
Killer of the soul
Nothing disperse
The giver of role

Be a Friend

If you want friends
Be one they say
Be one till the end
There's no other way

Yet there are days
Best spent alone
As what one says
Can't be sown

And what of those
Taking for granted
That their own woes
By us be waited

What is a friend
But our own mirror
Of a different hand
Of other joys, horrors

Be a friend
Nothing matters
But the joy you send
Received by others

Faults & Virtues

Between fault and virtue
Choosing should be easy
Yet when nothing's due
We balance freely

Virtue has good morals
A simplicity strenuous
For all of us mortals
Nothing is so serious

Each Fault has its beauty
Cherished among Gods
How to deny them really
As they are, against all odds

Mistresses of us fools
Twin sisters of time
Evolving without rules
Your control is sublime

Oh fault, oh virtue
Do not make us choose
Give us what is true
Do not let us loose


I'll never blame you
Even for that thought
You did what you knew
It's nobody's fault

Quite the contrary
Your life I admire
Being there for me
At every hour

Did you blame me
For not answering
Unwilling to see
What I'd be missing

I am to blame for all
A responsibility I fear
It's easier to build a wall
And let others be in tears

Often we blame others
For a fault of our own
Everywhere are mirrors
That easily condone

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Behold the mundane flower
Who owns a terrible secret
The knowledge of her power
Will feel you with regrets

Behold the mundane face
Who we scorn at every turn
As she’s trying to efface
A passion that all will burn

Behold the mundane bee
Carrier of the old word
Busying herself silly
A sister well mannered

Behold the mundane thought
Carrying the essence of creation
Originating in the eternal naught
Source of the power of question

Behold the mundane
Let’s not judge what we see
It would make us insane
To be unable to foresee

Spiritual Overdose

When is enough truly enough
When the spiritual has no appeal
When philosophy feels like bluff
When life has nothing to reveal

Too much inner searching
Makes me forget who I am
What is it that I’m dreaming?
Why does it feel like a sham?

Reaching a point of no return
Lost between two beliefs
With no difference to discern
Isn’t it time to turn a new leaf?

But without a spiritual slant
How to live a life of meaning?
No stories to a day enchant
Is life truly worth living?

Here lies the hypocrisy
To reach such discontent
I took a path so uneasy
And lived with intent